About Mel Educational Services

We recruit students for universities and Higher Education Providers in Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and also migration of Professionals to Australia and New Zealand.


Mel Educational Services Limited was established to provide consultancy services to help parents, students and organisations in Nigeria and Ghana with educational planning.

Our company recruits students for universities and Higher Education Providers in Australia, New Zealand, United State of America, United Kingdom, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and also migration of Professionals to Australia and New Zealand.

We do this by creating more awareness in the region where we operate, through showcasing of the adequate facilities the institution can provide, and enhance the confidence of prospective students and parents / guardians.

Aims and Objectives

We are strongly convinced that any institution MEL Educational Services Limited represents will attract prospective students based on prior experience of marketing products or services. The Nigerian market requires adequate promotion in the newspaper and social media to catch the attention of the prospective students who are always on the internet; in addition, appropriate information sessions which can last for 2- 3 days in a designated location can also be organised.

In the past we have used flyers, information sessions at the Airport Hotel in Ikeja and social media platforms such Yahoo, Whatsapp and Facebook. Therefore for the same success will be achieved for your institution, we propose to use Capital Square at Garnet building for the information session, for a minimum of 3 days and advertisements also placed in the Guardian Newspaper (National Newspaper).

It will also be necessary for your institution to include MEL Educational Services Limited contact details in Nigeria on the University’s website; that way, it makes it easier for us to act as an International Agent in Nigeria. Previous inclusions of my company email address, phone no and our office addresses has made a huge impact on the number of inquiries received.

The aim of the information session in Lagos will be to introduce parents, guardians and prospective students to qualitative Australian education, explain the long term benefits of Australian education and present a clear picture of the country’s values, lifestyles, climate and culture.

Upon completion of a similar project in 2008, I received over 150 enquires from prospective students and parents who were, and still are interested in providing qualitative western education to their children.

Your institution can offer part scholarship to prospective students to be able to break into the market trend, examples of such will be

  1. Application fees waived
  2. 5 % scholarships

And other incentives offered to other international students.

The project will also provide the opportunity of exchange programs for students currently enrolled in Nigerian universities; they will have the opportunity to undertake a year of studies at your institution. This exchange program can also be extended to Academics in Universities/ Higher Education providers who will have the opportunity to complete a PHD degree or be part of a ‘train a trainer’ program.

From prior knowledge, the best university graduates are always recruited as Graduate assistants who undergo research in Nigerian universities. As a result this specific group of people can be targeted for a Graduate assistantship or research assistant, this group can enroll as a PHD candidate who will be supervised by two supervisors, one in Australia and the other in Nigeria under an agreed supervision arrangement.

Liaise and facilitate links between state government departments in Nigeria and Australian Universities/ Higher Education to provide a training exchange program through the universities with a view to develop capacity.

Mrs. Olufolakemi Adeniyi

A professional high school teacher with a background in Electrical Engineering.She holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (1990) along with a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Queensland, Australia (July 2003).  Also a member of the Nigeria Society of Engineers, Justice of Peace JP(Qualified) as well as a registered Teacher in Brisbane, Australia.

Her engineering career commenced in 1990 as a Service Engineer with Portland Electrical repairs (a subsidiary of West African Portland Cement Plc.) as a National Youth Service Corps Member. She later joined John Holt Engineering as a Sales Engineer and also worked with Avery Nigeria Limited. Mrs Adeniyi joined Etco Nigeria Ltd in the Federal Capital Territory where she worked as a part of the team that supervised the electrical contract at the Central Bank of Nigeria Head Office until 2001 when her family migrated to Australia under the Skilled Migrant Visa Program.

On arrival in Australia in 2001, she developed a passion for a teaching career in Brisbane when she was requested as a teacher’s aide to assist within a primary school and as a temporary staff member of an After School Hours Care Organization. As a result, she enrolled for a graduate teaching program with the University of Queensland where she qualified as a professional teacher in 2003.

She has since acquired a wealth of experience having taught Mathematics, Science and Physics at Forest Lake College, Forest Lake State High School and Woodcrest State College in Brisbane.  Achievements are as follows:

  • Successfully taught Mathematics and Physics to year 11 and 12 students
  • Supervised the verification of results, standards and exit levels of students in Year 12 in my role as Mathematics A panellist at Forest Lake College.
  • Graded the Core Skills Written Exam (QCS) in my role as a part time Staff of Queensland Studies Authority (QSA). Organized and supervised Year 9 and 10 students of Forest Lake College to compete successfully in the inaugural Successfully Organised Overseas Recruitment Information Session in 2006- date.

Mrs. Olufolakemi Adeniyi

Justice of Peace (Qualified)
Queensland Justice Association

Diploma in Theology
Harvest Bible College, Melbourne

Bachelor of Education (Secondary) Degree
University of Queensland, Brisbane

Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Electrical)
University of Nigeria, Nnsuka

Institutions we represent in Australia, New Zealand, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, United Arab Emirates and Turkey

Monash University, Australia
University of Queensland (UQ), Australia
University of Southern Queensland (USQ), Australia
Charles Darwin University, Australia
Charles Sturt University, Australia
Curtin University, Australia
California State University, USA
St. George University, USA
St. Francis University, USA
Quad Learning, USA
Otago Polytechnic
University of East London
University of Mediterranean, Karpasia
OBS Online Business School
University of Nicosia, Cyprus
Wittenborg University, Netherlands
UCAM, Spain
Humber College
Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary
Queensland University of Technology
Humboldt-Institut, Germany
MODUL University, Vienna
University of Georgia
St John Anglican College
AGB Training, Geelong
Charlton Brown
Education First
LCI Education Network
Lakefield College School
Martin College
New York Film Academy
Berkeley College
University Canada West
James Cook University, Brisbane (JCUB)
Wintec University
University of technology, Sydney
Airways Aviation
New Zealand International Commercial Pilot Academy
Lifetime International Training College
Sarina Russo Institute
Auckland University of Technology (AUT)
Modul University Dubai
Victoria University of Wellington
University of New England
Macquarie University
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